• Looking for practical solutions to tough questions? We help make sense of your data whether it’s related to performance issues, human services, individual or group results, or sifting through big data sets for answers to challenging questions.


  • Trying to make sense of complex questions and data sets? We’ve tackled tough questions from school districts, to employment issues, to foundation, state, and federal grant applications, and much more in an effort to address challenging situations as diverse as vocational training of young adults with diagnoses of autism and other developmental disabilities to statewide projects for the prevention of dissolution in high-risk adoptions.


  • Exploring creative solutions to nagging issues? We have assembled a diverse group of professionals including statisticians clinical psychologists, small business owners, artificial intelligence experts, and software programmers to develop some of the most interesting interventions for contemporary challenges. Our services and programs have been used throughout the US, Japan, and Belize. The Prevention Group team members have worked throughout the world on projects ranging from district-wide implementation of innovative and effective behavior management programs to prevention of child abuse world-wide at civilian and military installations to collaborating in the development of strategic plans and related services that improve the lives of diverse families and their children.


  • Data management needs? We have 15 years of experience developing client relational databases for a variety of organizations that provided programs and services for at risk families and children.  These databases are highly-customized, user-friendly, and usually small-to-medium sized. Some of the common features across databases include parent and child demographic information; referral source; community services utilized; caseworker-client contact tracking; use of assessments to track outcomes; individual, group, and missing data reports.  Further customized features include automated client form letters, activity and point tracking ledger, tracking of overdue doctor visits and/or assessments, family service plans including goals and strategies, program-specific assessments.