Ray Burke

Ray Burke, Ph.D., co-founder of The Prevention Group, is a research psychologist with more than 25 publications related to program fidelity and replication of education and prevention programs that have involved product development (e.g., co-authored the book Common Sense Parenting which has sold more than one million copies, in more than a dozen languages and countries) and program evaluation (e.g., a 7-year, multi-million dollar project to replicate classroom management practices in Connecticut). During Dr. Burke's 27 years at Boys Town (NE), he spent several years working with the U.S. Air Force Family Advocacy Program, replicating the Common Sense Parenting program to help prevent child abuse at more than 60 bases throughout the world. Dr. Burke taught at the University of Nebraska, Department of Education and Human Sciences for 25 years and has a courtesy appointment in the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation, Department of Psychology. In 1998, Dr. Burke was awarded The Elinor Kerrey Entrepreneurship Award presented by the NU Department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, for his work with parent training and child abuse prevention. Dr. Burke was the Co-PI (with Dr. Allen) and PI on several grants awarded to TPG to study the development and use of video modeling software applications, skills training, and the iPhone/iPod Touch Performance Cue System with young adults with ASD who are seeking employment.

Scott Bowen

Scott Bowen, co-founder of The Prevention Group, is responsible for all business development planning, operations, and cost-benefit analyses for TPG's projects. Mr. Bowen has diverse business development experience including co-ownership of Signs & Shapes International, a manufacturing, entertainment, and marketing company with customers in over 60 countries around the world. Mr. Bowen co-founded, ran business operations, and served as a producer for Adams House Productions, LLC, a Boston-based full-service film/video production studio which produced event, marketing, and television content for a range of clients. Mr. Bowen is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College (CA). Mr. Bowen has been a key contributor on several grants awarded to TPG to study the development and use of video modeling software applications, skills training, and the iPhone/iPod Touch Performance Cue System with young adults with ASD who are seeking employment.

Keith Allen

Keith Allen, Ph.D., has contributed as a project expert in developmental disabilities and evaluation on several projects. Dr. Allen is a professor of Psychology and Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Munroe-Meyer Institute, and has 25 years of experience and over 75 publications dealing with issues related to behavioral and emotional health of children and families with disabilities. Dr. Allen's areas of expertise include autism spectrum disorders, single subject research design, and applied behavior analysis, among other areas. In 1998, Dr. Allen was awarded the Distinguished Scientist Award, American Association of Mental Retardation-Nebraska given for clinical research contributing to understanding and treating developmental disabilities. Dr. Allen served as Co-PI (with Dr. Burke) and PI on several grants awarded to The Prevention Group to study the use of video modeling, skills training, and the iPhone/iPod Touch Performance Cue System with young adults with ASD who are seeking employment. Dr. Allen was awarded a 2010 NIH grant focusing on innovative services for children with disabilities.

Mike Matz

Mike Matz has contributed as a Senior System Designer on several TPG projects. Mr. Matz is a technical leader with extensive experience in interactive software and back-end web development. His expertise ranges from designing and building highly scalable web and mobile applications to project management and planning. Mike was on the senior management team of 2Advanced Studios, where he served as Director of Development. 2Advanced is a world-renowned interactive agency that is frequently awarded and referenced in the high-end web development community as one of the world's most innovative firms. Working with 2Advanced, other design firms, and on his own, Mike has personally developed projects for clients such as Bacardi, AOL, Incase, and Etnies. He has led the development of numerous iPhone applications, including several for Activision, a $4.28 Billion video game company. Among his noteworthy programming innovations is the development of an "image recognition" component for an Activision iPhone App used in marketing the new game "Wolverine" - the top selling movie video game of 2009. Mr. Matz worked with Mr. Bowen and Dr. Burke to develop (a) an iPod/iPhone text-based Performance Cue System which has been used to enhance individuals with ASD's ability to use complex social skills in simulated work environments, and (b) the VideoTote iPad software application.

Doug Downey

Douglas Downey, Ph.D., has contributed as a Consultant and Project Expert in artificial intelligence and software development on related TPG projects. Dr. Downey is an assistant professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University. Dr. Downey’s BS and MS (Case Western Reserve University) are in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Economics; his Ph.D. (University of Washington) is in Computer Science and Engineering. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Downey spent approximately three years delivering software in industry as part of previous full-time employment with Intel Corporation, Microsoft Research, and other companies. Dr. Downey’s research interests include bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and assistive technologies. Dr. Downey has spearheaded algorithm development and testing for TPG projects that have examined the predictability of the VideoTote iPad software application for users with ASD.